For us every tour is like a stage production. A lot of research, planning, coordination is done by our Team Shakti to ensure you experience the best of India in the most comfortable way. Experienced hands with a penchant for perfection and passion for all that is Indian weave your India holiday. Here we are…

Hi, I am Deepa, Founder/Director of Shakti Holidays.


I take pride in the incredible aspects of India. Passion for all things Indian, especially the most unique, antique and bizarre got me into designing special interest programs.

I have an MBA in Tourism Administration from Pondicherry University and over two decades of experience in the tourism industry.


Every tour I create and execute is a learning experience for me. Wondering about the questions visitors raise during cultural tours pushes me to delve into all the intriguing aspects of India.

I design the immersive experiences for all our theme journeys and also leads tour groups. 
A graduate in Tourism and Hospitality Management , I began my career as an Ecotourism specialist. Every trip opened up my mind like nothing else could - especially those experiences of meeting indigenous people of remote villages or doing a challenging trek. 

When I am not involved in the product research, I teach English to students who also love to hear my travel stories. It is while reliving my travel experiences with them I realize that the exploration of the spirit of India is endless.

Hi, I am Prakash, traditionally a farmer, professionally a documentary film maker and researcher associated with the Rupayan Sansthan in Jodhpur. My love for Rajasthani folklore was kindled by the stories I heard throughout my childhood from my uncle Shri Vijaydan Detha. I have had the chance to share my knowledge of Rajasthan with filmmakers from BBC and NGC. 

Two ladies from Chennai (Deepa and Preeti!!) visited my home in 1999 and that brought me into the tour industry, to lead special interest tour programs for Road Scholar.  


I lead our tour groups and contribute to tour designing.

What is seemingly chaotic in Indian culture actually falls into a simple pattern. My constant effort has been to decipher the design in all aspects of life. Practicing Architecture and teaching Yoga have enhanced my passion for culture, tradition, lifestyle and conservation of all these.


I enjoy curating the culture and experiential tours of Shakti Holidays.

Hi, I am Jay, living in New Jersey. My American friends have always been interested in the rich culture of my home country, India. The natural result is for them to seek my assistance  to organise their India travel.  


Having lived in the US for more than 22 years,I have seen my friends being amazed by my India anecdotes. This has highlighted the beauty and depth of many things about India that I had taken for granted.


I represent Shakti Holidays in the US..


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