Kannadiga Ethos

Tour Highlights

  • Talk about detailing – Hoysala temple architecture – Madanikas sporting hundreds of different hairstyles, 644 elephants carved on the base of Belur temple, each one different from the other. Ugra Narasimha sculpture is a rarity to Belur.

  • Trek on the highest peak in Karnataka - Mullyangiri in Chikmagalur

  • Meet villagers in Fertile Tungabadra River Basin

  • Coffee Plantation visit

  • Life in the archaeological ruins of Hampi – Vijayanagar Empire

  • Education methods of Kadamba Kings, Krishnadevaraya – Dhulakshara (Dust Writing). Education included not only 3 R’s(Reading, writing, Arithmetic) but also moral lessons to help refugees, friends, dependents and students.

  • Religious freedom promoted by Harihara II

  • Administrative success of Krishnadevaraya – Land revenue system, Irrigation facilities, citizen’s grievance redressal system

  • Hoysala customs that are still alive – games called Anekal & Tirekal

  • Gandhakasalla rice (disease resistant, high nutrition, tasty variety) now cultivated in parts of the Malabar coast has mention in Hoysala inscriptions

  • The tradition of acrobats and jugglers in Vijayanagara empire

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History shapes the people of the land. Our journey through Karnataka highlights the best attributes of the various dynasties that sculpted the ethos of the people of Karnataka. The monuments left behind by each kingdom have inspiring messages.

The Hoysalas are associated with development of intricate art and also spiritual and humanistic thought. The religious plurality of the Hoysala kings is a much needed lesson in face of current religious disparity.

A day through the boulders in Hampi is the greatest eye opener. Krishnadevaraya’s modern city with major town planning included drainage system, canals, irrigation systems, some of which are functional till date. The geometry of the stepped tank with its symmetrical squares, rectangles and semi pyramids is perfect. The pinhole camera effect on the interior wall of Virupaksha temple shows an inverted image of the main tower.

Kadamba kings who were the first native rulers of the region gave administrative importance to the Kannada language.  Today Shri Kuvempu is known to be the only Indian author with maximum awards for literature.

Kannadigas today are known for their simple outlook backed by great thinking. Through visits to the monuments and villages in Karnataka we relearn those lessons that have remained relevant to humans through these centuries. 

12 Days / 11 Nights

Bangalore (1N ) - Chikmagalur (2N) - Hampi (3N) -  Hubli (1N)

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